Frequently Asked Questions

Is ProQuant free to use?

ProQuant aims to make algorithmic trading accessible to anyone by being absolutely free.

Can I add Funds to ProQuant / Trade With Real money?

ProQuant doesn’t provide any trading services. It allows users to backtest, generate and run trading strategies as well as automatically execute them if connected to a supported broker or exchange.

How to enable my strategy for Automated Trading?

In order to enable and use automated trading, first you have to connect to one or more of our supported brokers / exchanges. Afterwards, all you need to do is to turn on the Automated Trading option inside the Strategy screen in our mobile app.

Which brokers can I use ProQuant Automated Trading with?

With any broker ProQuant supports - currently Trading 212 for CFDs and Binance/HitBTC/Coinbase Pro for Cryptos. More brokers and exchanges are coming soon!

What does “Waiting for signal” mean?

It means that the strategy is running but waiting for an entry condition to be met in order to trigger a buy or sell signal. This state can take a different amount of time depending on a couple of factors such as Trading Frequency and the entry conditions of the specific strategy. To get an idea of how often a strategy opens positions, you can take a look at the backtest statistics, which include the number of trades made by the strategy during the backtested period. For example, if you run a strategy which has made only 30 trades during a backest period of 1 year, it's likely you'll have to wait for a while before you see it open a position.

Why do some strategies take longer to open a position compared to others?

The frequency of opening a position depends on two main factors:

  1. The Strategy entry rules - they determine the conditions for opening a long or short position. ProQuant will open positions if predefined rules/conditions are met. Let's say you use a "Momentum" indicator with a condition “Momentum rises”, then the moment the Momentum value does rise, the indicator will allow entering a long position. This may take some time because of the current market condition and trends. Also, a strategy can have up to 4 conditions and all of them must be met simultaneously for a position to be opened.
  2. The Trading Frequency - it determines the time interval that the strategy uses to check if the actual market conditions at the moment meet the strategy requirements for acting on a position, e.g. every five minutes, once an hour, etc. So let's say you have a strategy with Trading Frequency of 15 minutes, that means that every 15 minutes the strategy will check if all the conditions are met and if so, a signal for opening will be produced.

How much battery does ProQuant use on my Android / iPhone?

Battery usage while backtesting, generating and running strategies is minimal since our cloud-based backend does all of the heavy-lifting.

Will my strategies continue to run even if I close the app/log out/am offline?

Yes, they will. The execution (and generation) of your strategies happens entirely on our servers. Your phone is simply an interface through which you can easily peek at your strategies' performance and manage them accordingly.

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