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For the first time, you can build, test and run automated trading strategies in the cloud via easy to use mobile and web apps.

Create and run strategies in less than a minute.

Automatically generate hundreds of strategies with the Strategy Generator.

Become a Strategy Manager and get paid based on the number of followers you have.

Follow strategies created and managed by experienced traders.

Use our hassle-free Visual Editor. Set custom rules with a few taps.

Run your favorite strategies with Real money, or practice risk-free in Simulation mode.

Write advanced custom strategies with QuantScript directly in your browser.

Join our community - give feedback, learn from others.


Follow Strategies

Choose from hundreds of completely free strategies created by our users.

Choose the funds you want to invest.


Choose a trading mode - Risk-free Simulation, or Real Money.


Trade and receive updates alongside the Strategy Manager.


Watch how the strategy performs. You can close manually, if needed.



Build Strategies

QuantScript is a proprietary scripting language for creating algo-trading strategies on ProQuant. It is easy to use, readable, accessible for people without development experience, expressive, and powerful.

You write QuantScript in your browser - no need to install anything.

Check your strategy's backtest as you write code - an extremely fast feedback loop.

Your code executes in our cloud - for free.

Our debug mode helps you tackle issues by allowing you to step through code execution.

Integrated Visual Studio Code's editor right in our web app.

Get paid as a ProQuant Strategy Manager


Build a profitable Real Money strategy.


Publish your strategy for others to follow.


Earn $6/month per real-money follower


Featured Integrations

Automate your strategies by choosing from our growing list of supported brokers and exchanges.

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Coinbase Pro

New to robo trading? Learn and practice risk-free.

Run your first strategy in 3 min. ProQuant is a great way to learn about algorithmic trading and practice at 100% real market conditions, risk-free.



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Make your smartphone a powerful trading robot.


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