Generate strategies that fit your risk appetite or build your own without coding.

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Run the strategies in our cloud with a single tap and start getting buy and sell signals on your smartphone.


Connect ProQuant with your existing trading account for fully automated trade execution*.


Monitor and control the running strategies anytime, anywhere with our easy to use mobile app.

About ProQuant

ProQuant makes algorithmic trading accessible to anyone, not just the big Wall Street hedge funds.

With our easy to use mobile app you can choose from hundreds of existing strategies or build and run your own. No coding required!

ProQuant will send you signals when to trade or directly execute the trades through our supported brokers and exchanges*.

ProQuant leverages the power of cloud-based machine learning to generate, backtest and optimize thousands of potential strategies for the forex, stock, commodity and cryptocurrency markets.

To get started just install our FREE app for iOS or Android and run your first strategy in minutes.

*API connectivity with other trading platforms is coming soon.

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